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Welcome to the Living Room at 35 East.

The Living Room At 35 East is a modern listening room with couches, comfortable chairs and pillows. Bring a bottle of wine, beer or cocktail and listen to some of your favorite artists, comedians, films, plays or poetry.

Since our space is small the performances are especially intimate.

The Living Room is Located In the heart of Ardmore surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops, and parking is available in the municipal lot next door to our venue. Or you can take the train to the Ardmore Train Station and walk one block down Lancaster Ave.

Our doors open at 7:00pm and our shows start at 8:00pm. We request that you arrive early in order not to disturb the performances. We look forward to having you join us in our Living Room!

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Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the door.

~ Upcoming Shows ~

Tickets can be purchased online in advance or at the venue.

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We will be closed between the dates of August 1st and August 29th, to reopen on August 30th.

Thursday ~ August 30th, 8:00 pm

Kathy Zimmer

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Kathy Zimmer performs cosmopolitan folk (folk/pop) music with her band The Sugar Bowls. Offering thoughtful songs accented with vocal harmonies and tricks up her sleeve, see why the Roots Music Report said, At various turns enchanting, haunting and soothingand at times a bit of all of these. Ms. Zimmers sophisticated song crafting never fails to charm.

Friday ~ August 31st, 8:00 pm

Secret Cinema

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This will be the second screening at The Living Room at 35 East, in the heart of downtown Ardmore. Singer-songwriter Laura Mann recently opened this intimate space to provide a comfortable setting for the enjoyment of live music, poetry, comedy and now, films.

The Music Box (1932, Dir: James Parrott) - The most famous, and arguably funniest and best short comedy of Laurel and Hardy is built around the simplest premise: Stan and Ollie must move a piano up a large set of stairs. Director Parrott was the younger brother of another comedy star at the Hal Roach studio, Charlie Chase.
Glass (1959, Dir: Bert Haanstra) - This wordless look at glassmaking in Holland was perfectly edited and synchronized to a lively jazz score, and resulted in a startling new (and oft-imitated) style of documentary film.
The Golden Fish (1959, Dir: Edmond Séchan) - Jacques Cousteau produced this charming little film, about a boy who wins a goldfish at a carnival, and the drama that develops when he leaves his new pet alone with a cat. Besides an Oscar, THE GOLDEN FISH also won the International Critics' Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
Why Man Creates (1968, Dir: Saul Bass) - This unusual, multi-dimensional film was made by Saul Bass, the graphic designer best known for his highly-original title sequences for feature films by Otto Preminger and Alfred Hitchcock. In a series of segments employing animation, graphics and live-action, the film earnestly (and sometimes whimsically) explores the age-old riddle of the title.
Plus The Critic (1963), Happy Anniversary (1962), and more!

Saturday ~ September 1st, 8:00 pm

Super UnLedded

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As a lifelong Zep fan, guitarist Paul Franceschini always wanted to create a project that is a tribute to the greatest and most influential rock band ever. While he always performed some their music through the years, he never dedicated an entire show to just Zeppelin. In discussing a future project with a vocalist friend, inspiration struck: create an all acoustic Led Zeppelin tribute band that performs all of their acoustic tracks along with acoustic versions of their electric tunes and voilà, Super UnLedded was born!

Thursday ~ September 6th, 8:00 pm

Joe Jack Talcom (from the Dead Milkmen)

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Joseph Genaro (Joe Jack Talcum) founded The Dead Milkmen in 1980, initially establishing the group as a bedroom-based home-recording project with a mythological back-story prior to their evolution into a traditional four-piece band by the summer of 1983 based in the city of Philadelphia. The members of the group regularly employed pseudonyms, and Genaro most frequently called himself "Joe Jack Talcum" (stemming from the character of Jack Talcum that Genaro had imagined as the leader of the band in their mythology) in the context of the group, although he also used the pseudonyms "Butterfly Fairweather" and "Jasper Thread" on certain records.

Friday ~ September 7th, 8:00 pm

Greg Sover (accoustic) feat. Garry Lee

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Gregs long-awaited EP Jubilee was released on January 8th. And the Greg Sover Band competed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January, making it into the semifinals and showing everyone in attendance that the band from up north in Philly sure knows how to play the blues.

~ Future Shows ~

Stay tuned for these future shows at The Living Room!

~ September ~

Sept 12th - Michael McDermott

Sept 13th - Kuf Knotz, and Christine Elise

Sept 14th - Scott McLatchy

Sept 15th - Laura Mann {sold out}

Sept 20th - Shakey - solo Neil Young tribute

Sept 21st - Meghan Cary

Sept 22nd - Laura Mann

Sept 29th - The Mark Sweetman Trio

~ October ~

October 5th - Minas

October 7th - Darden Smith

October 12th - Pete Donnelly Combo

October 13th - John Torres Band

October 18th - Paul Messick

October 19th - The Tree Rats

October 20th - Steve Butler

October 26th - Rupert Wates

October 27th - Natalie Zuckerman

~ In the News ~

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Parking is available in the municipal lot next door to our venue.